Bearing Fruit: A Guest Post by Mutti

white flowering tree seen through trellis

I came home from work this past week on one of the sunnier days and Mutti told me she had an idea for a post. We have a young white flowering tree, seen in the picture at left through a cedar trellis that I put together last year. We have not identified what kind it is yet. She thinks maybe it’s a dogwood. The leaves turn yellowish in the fall, but we need to look at the bark and shape of the leaves to really narrow it down. This brings me to the idea that she wanted to share.

Mutti’s post:

When I was sitting in the front room looking at that tree. I was thinking it’s been a couple of years that we’ve seen it flower but there has been no fruit. It reminded me of Jesus’ parable of the fig tree in Luke 13. After three years of not bearing, it was in danger of being cut down. A tree may look good but not bear fruit, like people who look good on the outside, but do not bear fruit in Christ. Also, Jesus said people can be identified by what they are producing in their lives – by their fruit you will know them.

This was the thought Mutti wanted to share, and a conversation followed about whether and how we were bearing fruit. Spiritually, we don’t want to be like the tree in our front yard, even though it’s cheery this time of year. We would prefer to have a flowering fruit tree instead to make better use of the land. I doubt a nursery lot would let us trade it in for a lemon. Yeah -little pun there.

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