Slow News Day

We’ve been busy in the yard removing weeds and prepping soil for new areas that we didn’t plant in last season. In the newly cleared areas we’re going to try a patch of sunflowers and amaranth. I think Quinoa will have to wait for next year. These plants are part of our strategy to increase edibles in our landscape while being easy on the eyes.

Last evening, in between spurts of digging up weeds, I also chopped up a large tree round left over from when we had a half dead tree taken down. We didn’t want the tree to fall on our home. My brother had a beloved hard maple, unknowingly infested with ants, fall between their house and garage during a strong wind. So, it was a prevention measure.

Actually, I should clarify that I didn’t chop the round but used a sledge-hammer and wedges. I’ve become proficient at a few different ways of splitting wood with these tools depending on whether the wood is level or on its side: the traditional swing, the mini-golf swing, and when my arms are tired and feeling a little like linguine – the “aim and let gravity do it’s thing” swing. Eventually there will be a post on another project made from our free pallets – a place to store split wood off the ground. But as garden activity picks up here heading towards Memorial Day, that project will probably be delayed for some time.

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