Creative Arts Building: Crocheted Plastic Bag

predominantly white tote bag with red and yellow flecks, crocheted from plastic bagsHow many bags does it take to crochet a bag? I lost count.  I actually did this bag at my Mutti’s request some years ago. She had some plastic County Market bags and wanted a tote to carry things. So, naturally, one should try crocheting them together right? I had no pattern, only the enthusiasm of knowing my grandma had crocheted rags into rugs – which I still use today.

I personally appreciate reusing materials before recycling or just throwing things away. After hearing the story about lead and bacteria being found in many of the non-woven shopping totes (at elevated levels within government limits) it’s probably best to choose a “natural” cloth or canvas bag, and to keep it clean. As I type this I realize that I got a free reusable “green” bag at a past Living Green Expo that was made from similar material as the Target/Wal-Mart type bags. So, how many lead laden reusable bags does it take to make a landfill? I don’t want to know…

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