Emergency Stove Conversation

I’ve mentioned that I have a solar oven on my to-do list, because I’d like to have an alternative way of cooking or to more quickly dehydrate food for storage. But I’d also been thinking of a rocket stove for emergencies. If built right, these stoves use very little fuel (e.g., twigs) and they work rain or shine. I don’t want to have to rely on gas, propane, or the little tuna fish can alcohol stoves that some camping enthusiasts use. So, I had been thinking of a rocket stove using bricks with an insulated stove pipe and aluminum can fuel ledge. I’d seen the goth tin snips guy on Youtube before, but read that there’s a bad chemical released from cheap tin at high temperatures-thus my opting for stove pipe in brick.

But, then I came across a post on Wattsupwiththat.com and the subsequent comments related to emergency/camping stoves made me want to update my previous search for mobile alternatives. Rossa posted a rocket stove from the UK, but I’d seen a similar stove by Biolite that not only could fry your bacon in a pan, but also charge a phone or run LED lights. I’m guessing either one of these is probably more than I’d care to spend. The Biolite is supposed to be available spring 2011, so I’ll keep my eyes open. But my dominant frugal side is betting on the brick version.

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