Almost Empty Handed

wristbands from Living Green Expo and Friends Plant Sale As the wristbands illustrate, we hit the Living Green Expo and Friends Plant Sale today. The hybrid bus ride between the two was convenient. We took in the Expo exhibits, a workshop, and then thought it would be good to check out the plant sale for the “special item.”

I should explain that I had previously called numerous places to see if I could get the “special item” that my grandpa used to grow. So, when we actually got to the plant sale and saw the sold out sign it was a minor let down. Then we went to check on the Meyer Improved Lemon tree. It was listed as a substitution citrus due to a crop problem in Florida. But on finding the lemon tree, it was not labeled as Meyer Improved, and I was told it was the regular Meyer. That’s not a thorn in my side, but I didn’t want to deal with the literal thorns of the regular species, so I passed it up. Strike two. Then, a boy drove a cart into my knee and narrowly missed hitting mutti on the way to the exit. Oh, but it wasn’t all bad. While at the rare and unusual plant area I got to talking briefly with a volunteer about the “special item” that was sold out. He suggested I look at local co-ops. Honestly, it had not occurred to me to look at our local co-op for this. On the way home we found they were under our noses all along – the Jerusalem Artichoke, or Sun Choke. That was a subtle pun, but no doubt we’ll be updating on the growth, flowering, and subsequent devouring of these potato looking tubers.


Jerusalem Artichokes or Sunchokes

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