Green Expo

It was a really cold windy day for the beginning of May. So, to start thinking of warmer days to come I’m highlighting the Green Expo that takes place this weekend in the Twin Cities area, at the State Fair Grounds. Actually, they’re doing something new this year by coordinating their event with the Friends School Plant Sale and adding some other family friendly activities for the Expo. They’ll have the usual seminars and exhibits but have added a few touches in the area of food, music, and other arts.

Just so people know, my take on “Green” is being a good steward of the earth, including the home and the land I inhabit and journey through. That said, I think some things associated with being “Green” are actually ill advised (e.g., Mercury laden CFLs). I think it’s also important to look objectively at man made global warming claims. We otherwise enjoy learning about better techniques for composting, gardening, canning and drying, using clean energy, and cutting pollution, etc. And to do these inexpensively-that’s even better.

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