What’s a Windbelt?

Shawn Frayne with his Windbelt

Shawn Frayne and his Windbelt

A Windbelt is a low-cost alternative energy device designed by Shawn Frayne of Humdinger wind energy, LLC. Unlike large wind powered turbines, the Windbelt can generate electricity with a relatively small amount of wind inexpensively. In the wind, magnet buttons attached to thin mylar coated taffeta (used in kite making) flutter up and down between copper coils to make electricity. I think these would be great to have in the yard, attached near the house, or even in our home’s air ducts. Hmm. Shawn’s video gives more background on his award-winning device.

And, the information on the Humdinger education page just might inspire someone to try this at home. I was inspired, but I still have the solar oven on my to do list. I was hoping they’d have products available to the general public by now as he got a Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award back in 2007, but I’m patiently waiting. As an extra bonus for blues fans, someone posted a music video to go with the windbelt visuals on YouTube.

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