Ellie’s Crop Report

Ellie the cat looking out window at raised beds in backyard

Ellie watching early spring raised beds in the back yard

Peas: Sickness and weather have prevented getting the snap peas planted outside so far this year. But, we hope to change that this week. It’s been a cooler spring. So, if that trend continues, we might have more time for cold crops getting in.

Brussel Sprouts: The brussel sprouts started indoors should do fine and, as an added bonus, we had a volunteer brussel sprout come up in a raised bed.

Alpine Strawberries: These are doing well in a raised bed from last season. We have regular strawberries that we need to move away from our raspberries though. That’s another project on the to do list.

Garlic: The various garlic patches are doing well with green tops coming through the straw mulch. We still have some garlic from last season that stored well over the winter.

Various tomato varieties and Peppers were started indoors and will be put out near the end of May or early June. Other veggies will be started from seed as it gets warmer.

Ellie is also happy to report that the oat grass for cats has matured in the ginger root pot. Much of it has also been devoured. Good kitty.

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